Uncover The Brain Causes Of
Burnout, Fatigue & Toxic Stress &
Transform Your Resilience & Happiness

We use EEG brainmapping to uncover root causes of health symptoms & give
you a brain-based plan to optimal wellness using neurofeedback, neuronutrition
& mindbody practices personalized to your brain’s needs.


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How It Works

  • Step 1: Map Your Brain

    We record your brainwave patterns using scalp electrodes to identify your brain strengths & uncover brain causes of symptoms that may be holding you back.

  • Step 2: Get Your Program

    Consult with our world leading experts to get in depth answers & a roadmap to help you design your life around what will work best for your brain.

  • Step 3: Train Your Brain With Neurofeedback

    We offer home neurofeedback brain training programs, the most powerful tool available to change your brain and nervous system & maximize your energy, happiness & mental performance

What You Can See In Your Brainmap

  • Why You Worry Or Feel Anxious

    More beta brainwaves in the right vs the left correlates with worry, anxiety + being unable to shut of thoughts.

  • Why You Can't Relax Or 'Switch Off'

    An overactive cingulate and too much beta brainwaves in the back of the brain make it hard to ‘switch off’ & cause sleep problems.

  • Why You Feel 'Low' Or moody

    Low mood & depression correlate with more alpha left frontally than the right side of the brain.

  • Why You Have Trouble Focusing

    Poor attention & focus and ADD symptoms from too much frontal theta relative to beta waves

  • Why You Feel 'Burnt Out' or Fatigued

    Burnout syndrome, low stress tolerance & chronic fatigue are seen with low posterior theta waves relative to beta & sluggish alpha

  • Why You Procrastinate

    Procrastination & Low Motivation is correlated with high frontal alpha/theta ratios + high left frontal alpha waves

Meet Our Co-Founder

Dr. Dani Gordon MD, ABOIM, ABIHM, CCFP

Dr. Dani is a world recognized medical doctor, speaker & expert in natural medicine, wellness & mental performance. She was one of the first and youngest physicians to get American Board Certification in Integrative Medicine in 2012, the highest international physician qualification in evidence based natural medicine. She has studied mindbody medicine at Harvard, with traditional yoga masters in India and Asia and has been practicing holistic brain and mindbody based medicine for the past decade.

All of our ZenBrainLab, Bali programs have all been designed by Dr. Dani and helped thousands of our clients to transform their vitality, energy and lives.

Dr Dani has been featured in:

What You Get With Your Report


Please enter your name and email to recieve the demo report direct to your inbox

We value your privacy and protect your information

Full Brain Data Report

This will help you understand yourself better at a profoundly deeper level. It can explain why you have health challenges it is difficult to overcome, aspects of you personality you don't understand and simply 'why you are the way you are.'

  • Get deep insight into who you are

Meditation Recommendations

There are many types of meditation & mindbody training & each activates slightly different neural brain networks in subtly different ways. We customize your practice & get you better results and benefits faster from your practice.

  • Get Faster Results & Feel Calmer

Diet Recommendations

There is no one diet or way of eating that works for everyone the same way. Our programs are designed to optimize brain neurotransmitters like dopamine, GABA and serotonin and balance your brain’s areas of challenge using ‘food as medicine.’

  • Feel Better & Remove Confusion

Supplement Recommendations

The lack of nutrients in our soil & increased need for certain nutrients due to busy modern life make a few supplements important for maximal mental performance for virtually everyone & these differ for different 'brain types'. Your report will include the most important and targeted supplements for your brain so you don't end up spending THOUSANDS of dollars without noticeable results.

  • Save Money & Get More Energy

Herbal Recommendations

Just because an herb comes from a plant does not make it safe or effective. Among the adaptogens, there are calming ones, neutral ones, and stimulating ones so again, finding the right herb for you is really important, and usually a combination of a few key herbs work best.

  • Avoid Stressing Your Adrenals

Fitness Recommendations

Often the type of exercise or yoga style you may be drawn to is not the most balancing for your brain especially when you get ‘out of balance’. Maximize your resilience by getting a fitness practice which buffers your weak spots and helps you get out of ruts faster.

  • Get an exercise program that doesn't burn you out

Breathing Recommendations

We can influence our brain & nervous system differently by changing the type of breathing practice we do. The vagus nerve is a crucial nervous system regulation nerve that travels through our breathing muscle, the diaphragm.

  • Save time & get effective strategies

Sleep Support Recommendations

Sleep Support is helpful in over 90% of our clients, even those people who think they sleep ‘fine.’ This is because the majority of people do not sleep deeply all of the time. Light sleeping and not getting enough deep stage 4 sleep as well as REM dreaming sleep impacts daytime functioning including productivity, mood and focus.

  • Sleep better & deeper for ever

Daily Routine & Productivity

This is where you will find the top tips based on your brain for how to set up your day,  habits at certain times of your day, and key things to avoid based on your brain’s pattern of strengths vs. challenge. These are the things that you can use to structure your morning and evening routines for greatest success and maximal mental performance, energy and happiness in your life.

  • Maximize your mental performance

Neurofeedback Recommendations

Neurofeedback is most powerful way of changing the brain. It can change in weeks what normal meditation takes months or years to achieve. We give you personalized neurofeedback protocols which you can use if you choose to train with our home neurofeedback & brain-based wellness programs.

  • Become the best possible version of yourself

Who Brain Based Wellness Reports Are For


Please enter your name and email to recieve the demo report direct to your inbox

We value your privacy and protect your information

Take Your Mental Performance & Wellness Game To the Next Level

We create programs for people who live and work in high pressure environments to help you enhance stress resilience, elevate your performance and stay ahead of the curve. Learn how to structure your workdays, fitness routines, optimize food and supplements to stay on the top of your game and enhance focus, energy and productivity under stress, based on your brain’s pattern of strengths vs. challenge. Top CEOs and professional athletes are all using eeg brain-guided performance tools to help them get tailor their wellness regimens for peak performance. 

  • Maximize your mental performance

You have a chronic or ‘mystery’ health Issue

You may suffer from low energy, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, toxic stress, brainfog, anxiety, insomnia, feelings of overwhelm (‘tired but wired’) or women’s hormone issues like bad periods and PMS. You may have been told that ‘you just need to live with it’. You have probably spent thousands of dollars on supplements, specialists & alternative treatments without much improvement and have lost hope . We help you get insight & clarity into the brainwave patterns at the root of these symptoms and provide a brain based roadmap to overcoming them.

  • Become the best possible version of yourself

Retreat Facilitators In Bali

We work with retreat facilitators in Bali so you can offer brain mapping & Brain Based Wellness programs to your retreat clients. We send our team to your location with mobile brainmapping equipment & map your clients.

  • Enhance your retreat offerings

Bali Yoga Teachers & Wellness Professionals Partnership Program

We have a partner program with Bali-based Yoga Teachers & Wellness Professionals with an established clientele to allow you to offer and use brain-based wellness programs with your own clients. Contact us to speak to one of our team members to Apply and for more information.

  • Elevate Your Teaching & Student Offerings


"I found my joy for life again."



Individual Brainmap, program & 1 hr Consultation
  • Brainmapping session
  • Brain Analysis report
  • Brain Based Wellness Program
  • 1 hour consultation with Dr Dani
Retreats, Professional & Group Packages
  • Brainmapping session for each client
  • Brain Analysis report for each client
  • Brain Based Wellness Program for each client
  • Consultation as option